Bank Attack

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Bank Attack is a very exciting bank robber family and party board game for 2-4 players.

The boss has chosen you to test your team and complete the century’s robbery in 5 minutes!

It leads you to a gold safe. Work together as a team, follow the boss’s instructions carefully, and if you don’t make a mistake, you can get the safe and the $ 50 million. But if the siren rings, you will fail!

Do you have enough team spirit? Are you ready for a cooperative game? Can you unlock the safe even on ever more difficult levels? Do you complete all 5 levels and get to the hardest bonus level?
Choose a role, hide in the hands of a blasting expert, a hacker, a sentry or a cashier.
A team, a mission, and a voice to follow!

Bank Attack, a three-dimensional board game with electric safes.

How can a bank robbery succeed in this game? If you concentrate, you are fast and you have good memory!
Exciting, bank robbery game where you have to work together to help each other while playing!
2019 Audience Favorite Safe Hack, Safe Unlock Board Game!

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